Music: Time Out New York

Time Out New York, a weekly magazine, features the latest of what’s going on around town. Their music section includes a feature story and reviews of top live shows, albums, and most recently, tracks. The section also boasts an abundant listing of shows happening each day, in all genres (their website has even more listings).

Today I spoke with Jamie Falkowski, Digital Production Manager, and for our purposes, Time Out New York Music Writer, about the section. Here’s what he had to say:

Does the magazine/blog look to feature up-and-coming bands?
For sure. Up and comers are a big part of what we like to do. While we have a strong focus on local talent, we like to make sure our readers are checking out the best of the best. In print listings for top live shows will typically feature a well known artists, but more than likely the other 4-5 previews are focusing on artists who are making a name for themselves or just starting to buzz. The blog offers even more flexibility to promote new artists through interviews, show coverage and highlighting new and exciting music and videos. In this day-and-age web exposure can be more important than print and artists can truly grow and gain a fan base from internet campaigns alone.

How does the magazine find these bands?
We keep up on all the major music blogs in our field, checking to see what the community in different genres is talking about. It’s also about being on the scene, out at shows and seeing the acts that are going on 1-2 hours before a headliner. These are the acts that need to be evaluated. Music festivals like CMJ and SXSW make it easier to check out a lot of new talent in short amount of time. A lot of new music also comes through from PR contacts. Our names and emails are out there and the big promotion companies like to make to get their artist’s music in our hands and ears to check out early. A simple blurb online for a new artist can be hugely influentinal.

How does the magazine decide which bands to list?
A big part of making the listings is getting all of the materials in on time. A lot of NY shows come together in a week, and may not make deadline. For the hundreds of other shows that do make deadline it comes down to the music teams discretion and if listing this show will be a service to the reader.

How does the magazine decide which bands to review?
These are curated picks on shows and albums the team feels are worth relaying. It can often fall just to the taste of a certain editor although climate of a certain genre of a big release from a major artist can have some underlying impact on what is chosen. For example, Bone-Thugs-n-Harmony was featured as our opener this coming week because of their recent reunion. Often the news-worthy-ness of a story can control a feature placement.

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