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I first heard In One Wind standing in the back inside the candle-lit, wood-paneled train car room of Pete’s Candy Store. Every seat was taken. All possibility for standing room gone.

I became curious, how does a band begin? How do they find places to play at? How do they gather such a following? And most importantly, who are they trying to become?

Their website reads:

Though steeped in the tradition of folk music, In One Wind incorporates a wide range of influences from jazz to country, even stretching effortlessly into the world of improvised music and the avant-garde. The ability to start a show with soft guitar strums and whispered vocals while seamlessly breaking into odd-metered grooves and lush three part harmonies enraptures their audiences. In One Wind is truly an idiosyncratic ensemble, an ensemble that appropriately represents their home – Brooklyn, NY. Being one of today’s most distinguished musical hotbeds, it’s fitting that In One Wind shares their home with other Brooklyn luminaries such as Grizzly Bear, The Dirty Projectors and Sufjan Stevens. Their current residency at Williamsburg’s Spike Hill is just one example of their growing demand in the New York music scene.

The Band:

Angelo Spagnolo – Guitar/Vocals
Mallory Glaser – Vocals
Lily Claire Nussbaum – Vocals
Steven Lugerner – Woodwinds
Rob Lundberg – Upright Bass
Max Jaffe – Percussion

Have a listen.

Stay tuned for a real introduction. Interview #1 coming soon. 


About Samantha

Samantha Tilipman, 19. NYU double major in Journalism and Psychology.
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